Why not benefit from all the value in your office furniture by refurbishing, reusing, or recycling?

We make it easy for you save money, time, and landfills. You will save 30-50% compared to buying new A-grade panel workstations. We can help you with Teknion, Steelcase, Herman Miller, Haworth, Knoll, and Global.

We believe that business is hard enough without throwing away money and profits. The North American society has created an obsession with buying new and excessively, and our current disposable culture is out of control and does not seem to be changing. We end up discarding things that have long-term value without even realizing it.

We believe there are many ways to recover this unnecessary waste and benefit the bottom lines of our businesses and our environment.

Take commercial grade office furniture, for example. Although it’s manufactured to last over 50 years, many companies just throw it away and get brand-new workstations every five to ten years – that alone contributes 19,000,000 pounds of waste in our landfills. Even worse, these companies end up spending as much as 2 times the cost they need to when buying their replacement furniture.

Smart Furniture On Demand Programs:

1. Refurbished Workstations: Good As New – Half The Price

We take quality used workstations (yours or ours) and remanufacture them so the final product looks just like new. We can match your corporate colors with custom paint and fabric choices to help you achieve the vision of your ideal workspace.

Choose from two solutions:

  • Ours: Choose workstations from our inventory and then fully or partially refurbish them to look as good as new.
  • Yours: Refurbish what you already own, with a customized makeover of your existing workstations to suit your needs and style. Suitable for 10+ workstations at a time.

All Refurbished workstations come with a 10-year Smart Certified Warranty on the panels, work surfaces and hardware. We proudly stand by our products and our craftsmanship.

Smart Office - Custom Fabrics

Choose from two levels of refurbishing:

Partially refurbished workstations starting as low as $950* including: 6’ x 6’ workstation, As-Is worksurfaces, One pedestal and New fabric

* Delivery and installation costs are additional

Smart Office Furniture - Partial Refurbishment

Fully refurbished workstations start at $1,500* and similar to the partially refurbished and also have: New worksurfaces, New paint and New fabric

* Delivery and installation costs are additional

Smart Office Furniture - Full Refurbishment

2. Ready To Ship Workstations: Quality Previously-Loved

Smart Office Furniture - As Is

Discover great values on ‘as is’, previously owned workstations. These are workstations we have recycled from other clients that are in excellent condition. They are fully functional with gentle wear and tear.

Starting as low as $650 including: 6’ x 6’ workstation, One pedestal and Existing fabric

Rentals & Leasing: We can arrange short term and long-term rentals starting as low as $100 per month for a complete workstation.

* Delivery and installation costs are additional

3. Recycle Your Workstations: Help Protect the Landfills

If you have 50+ workstations that you no longer require, we can help you find the most economical way to keep them from becoming unnecessary waste in our landfills.

There are 2 options:

  • ReUse or Consign: If your workstations are in good condition, or we can find another customer or charity that would provide them a new home.
  • Ethical Recycling: We help you make the best use of the old office furniture you have. We will assess what you have and come up with an Ethical Recycling Plan. Then, we’ll take care of all the details to implement the plan for you.
  • Dismantle and remove all your old workstations.
  • Recycle, reuse or upcycle all relevant parts.
  • Refresh or upcycle into new products.
  • Transfer the remaining parts (less than 5%!) to the landfill.